Facebook ‘Costs Businesses Dear’ – Does It Really?

9 thoughts on “Facebook ‘Costs Businesses Dear’ – Does It Really?”

  1. Hi Luis,

    Great post! I have linked to this post having read your thoughts on the facebook grilling from who I call the corporate “headstones”.

    Kind regards,
    Colin Mooney

  2. Knowledge workers circumvent IT to be productive, if the company doesn’t offer it, then you will have IT rogues.

    How long does it take to implement company IM, as a way to prevent people from using open clients…and to realise that people must be using IM because it’s productive (helping them GTD), and fits a context of communication.
    The workers are IT’s customers, and there is lots to learn from people using your system.

    Blogs and wikis are the same, and now social networks are the new kid on the block.

    If a company blocks all other IM clients except the secure company IM, then people can still be productive with this tool, but they won’t be able to use it with others outside the company.

    The only worry the company will have is if work colleagues waste time just chatting all day…but we chat anyway don’t we, the the coffee room, on the phone.
    I think the gain in productivity will outweigh this anyway.

    Workers may be using Facebook as a productive work tool, and companies should realise this and adopt an enterprise equivalent.
    But at the same time you could be using Facebook to fool around with outside people, activities that are more recreation than work (eg. My Questions)…and this is wasting company time.

    But at the same time those that were using it to connect with people and increase productivity have now lost that.

    An enterpise Facebook would benefit the company, as now these people can be productive again and all the essential benefits you mentioned in your post.

    The only concern is whether work colleagues will fool around on the enterprise social network. If they do they will be found out, just like if you abuse the phone too much.

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