Flickr – The Last Refuge

I just can’t believe I have written the above as today’s blog post title. Really? Flickr? As last refuge? Is it still around? Do people use it? I don’t know about you folks, but I can confirm vast majority of my social networks from over the years don’t. They are nowhere to be seen in there … Continue reading Flickr – The Last Refuge


Goodness! Where does time go?!?! It looks like it was only yesterday when I created the last blog post over here and when checking things out it turns out that it is eventually nearly two weeks since the last one! Whoahhh! Talking about being busy, eh? Well, not really. Errr, I mean, I have been … Continue reading Tenerife

On Holidays!

I was on my way to put together a new blog post over here on this blog, one of the various drafts I have got piled from the plenty of stuff that happened this week, and to comment on a few others I have bumped into in the last couple of days, yet my brain … Continue reading On Holidays!

What Did You Get for Christmas? I Got an Avatar from Far Far Away!

While James Dellow, over at ChiefTech has put together a really nice and well thought out blog post under The Potential for Enterprise Metaverses where he is actually exploring further the role of virtual worlds (i.e. Second Life) to enhance the overall business collaboration and eLearning experiences in the corporate world, and while Jasmin Tragas … Continue reading What Did You Get for Christmas? I Got an Avatar from Far Far Away!