Flickr – The Last Refuge

I just can’t believe I have written the above as today’s blog post title. Really? Flickr? As last refuge? Is it still around? Do people use it? I don’t know about you folks, but I can confirm vast majority of my social networks from over the years don’t. They are nowhere to be seen in there … Continue reading Flickr – The Last Refuge

Home Sweet Home!

Where do I start? Can I just go back to where I left things off nearly a couple of years ago and resume my blogging mojo as it were just yesterday? My goodness, that would be a resounding no! I have just taken a few minutes to re-read that last blog post I put together over here … Continue reading Home Sweet Home!


If I were to describe with a single word the last three years since I wrote a blog post over here, that word would definitely be Transitions. You know what they say, change is hard; change is a constant, and, therefore, the only thing you can do is delay the inevitable. Change will, eventually, happen. Regardless. That’s why after three years … Continue reading Transitions

What’s in a Name?

    Why is it so difficult to change the title of your own personal business blog, specially, after such a long time? I mean, really, I’ve now been blogging for over 14 years and I still find it quite a challenge every time I decide to change the name of my own. You would … Continue reading What’s in a Name?