What’s in a Name?

4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?”

  1. ELSUA – The Legend Continues
    But seriously, why does it need a name? If you are “rebranding your business” then it should match it. If not, it should just be “your blog”.
    Simplicity sometimes is the best option.
    You could go for something Latin perhaps?

    1. Hi Keith, thanks a lot for dropping by and for the great comments and the good laugh! That would be epic!, going with that job name! haha (If only!). Well, to your point, for all the time I have been blogging I have always had a name for the blog beyond just A Blog by Luis Suarez, more than anything else, because I always wanted to let folks know, in advance, through a short piece of text, what the blog would be about, so they could judge right there whether it would be worth while following up and subscribe via RSS news feeds, or perhaps move on…

      So if I just leave it as A Blog by Luis Suarez, it’s not a bad suggestion, since there won’t be a re-branding of my business, but more about moving into the next chapter of my working career that will involve me as the individual, vs. me as the business, if you know what I mean, so I may take up your suggestion and go ahead with it as just my blog.

      In fact, a very good friend of mine thought about something very similar when he tweeted this and suggested the following name: elsuasion, which would fit in quite nicely with your initial thought, without even have to resort to Latin for it, although that’s also another option, since I studied 7 years of it and I’m certain I could pick up something! heh

      The thing is the more times I say out loud elsuasion, the more I like it, so with your feedback and Jimmy’s suggestion I think we have just got a name for when I’m ready to announce what next 😀👍🏻

      Thanks a bunch for the feedback, as always! Hope to see you soon F2F as well! It’ll be about time, too!

  2. Coincidentally I just changed the name of my blog to the New social learning blog. It is more for myself and to bring a focus (or reflect a new focus). Maybe the struggle is to capture your focus? After all, I read your blog through feedly and then I never even see the title :).

    1. Hi Joitske, many thanks for dropping by and for the great feedback! Yeah, the process of finding a name is going well and I think I pretty much got it at this point in time.

      I noticed the update for yours as well as I am subscribed to the RSS feed via Reeder (as opposed to just Feedly) and noticed the changes. But it’s a great point you make for those folks who may be subscribed to it via Feedly or something else that perhaps the name of the blog may not show up, but only the content. That’s where things will become easier, because the focus is still there on what I’d want to write and blog about, so perhaps it’s pretty much a done deal with your comment above, in terms of focusing on what I want to write about and let the name come along with it, as it should… 😀👍🏻

      Thanks a lot, once again, for dropping by and for the feedback!

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