Calma Chicha – Where Chill Out Meets Unconventional Contemporary Spanish Cuisine

2 thoughts on “Calma Chicha – Where Chill Out Meets Unconventional Contemporary Spanish Cuisine”

  1. Excellent, now we have two restaurants in the Maspalomas area that we’ll be sure to visit. I love the sound of both (this one and the one in your previous blog).
    And yes, when I’m there let’s catch up in person. Love making virtual contacts real!

    1. Hi Michael, thanks a lot for dropping by and for the lovely comment! I am thinking that if you are planning to come over here around mid-February, I suspect there will be about a dozen places I would be writing about by then and I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn into quite an interesting range of treats to help you recover from the intense competition heh

      I would love to get together, indeed, while you are here for a drink or a meal. I’m pretty sure it will be good fun making that virtual relationship into a real life one 😀👍🏻. Let’s keep in touch as the time closes by and stay tuned for more treats coming along (already working on the third one for this coming weekend)…

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