Myth Busting – Innovation Can Only Happen at the Office

2 thoughts on “Myth Busting – Innovation Can Only Happen at the Office”

  1. Sometimes I wonder when the nonsense will stop. Stating that we have to be in the office to innovate? Serious… how does most open source project work? Right, remote highly distributed developers collaboration over something called internet.

    Yes, in person meetings have a place in the collaboration space, but remote and online working can be as innovative or even more that that it has proven very powerfull. You do need the right mindset, the online collaboration tools and the right set of people (highly diverse teams that motivate each other, stuff like that).

    From time to time I wonder, because I even use tools that enable real time online collaboration that could not even have happend in the office. It was simply not possible, think miro/mural tools to make everyone work during an online workshop. The tools are here to stay, even in the office I have worked with the tools, simply because sticky notes are fun, but it’s a pain to transcribe them. So why not go digital natively….

    New ways of working… yes, please, highly inclusive and distributed, yes please, innovative, yes, please, and please do mix people that seem incompatible and make them all work together. You will be surprised.

    1. Hiya, Rob,

      Thanks ever so much for dropping by and for sharing that quite spectacular feedback! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Gosh, there is just *so much more* we could learn from the Open Source movement within the workplace! As a starter, apart from what you have shared above already, I would love for organisations AND people to shift to ‘Default to Open’ vs. ‘Default to Private’. The former, as you well know and have practised for decades!, is very much the mantra behind Open Source. The latter, it’s how vast majority of organisations function. And it shows …

      The points you are making about using social, digital tools to collaborate online are just spot on, but even more so when you place them in the context of building diverse, inclusive and distributed teams. Indeed, scale and reach are what you get when you default to open relying on digital tools (whether async or synchronous) to get work done and innovate along the way.

      It’s that reach and scale that co-located teams will never have. It’s also that diversity and inclusiveness, never mind the distributed aspect, most organisations will not achieve unless they break free from the office yoke and the good old mindset of ‘That’s how we’ve done things over here for decades, so why change?’. Well, because of that mindset, of course! Doh! Grrr

      Sometimes I wonder whether people are really willing to shift gears with their habits, behaviours and mindFLEX, effect the change(s) we all know we need and provide the conditions for that transformation to take place. Instead, we keep on working really hard on doing the work of the system itself: fear, inertia and our inability to challenge the current status quo can be quite powerful motivators, no matter how fundamentally failed the system may well be!

      Gosh, there is just so much (fun!) work to do still! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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