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    1. Hi, Joitske! Whoaaah! What are the odds, really?!?! I wasn’t expecting anyone to still have this blog’s RSS newsfeed in their feed reader after all of this time I haven’t blogged much, but I very much appreciate your kind comments. Many thanks! 🙏🏻😅

      It’s good to be back, indeed, and you just reminded me I need to brush off my own RSS newsfeed readers and see who is still out and about blogging away! Should be quite an interesting exercise altogether!

      Hope all is well at your end and many thanks, once more, for the lovely re-welcome! 😎👍🏻

  1. Welcome home Luis – always refreshing to have proper conversations over here . How much recent thinking have I missed I’m wondering ?? Look forward to reading more

    1. Hi, Marie-Louise, many thanks for the lovely feedback and for the kind re-welcome! Yeah, it’s been quite liberating, isn’t it?, to return back to the place where I/we have seen it all begin those many years back. I know what you mean about what we may have missed along the way. I think I know to some degree how much of it, but, frankly, it’s something I don’t want to stop myself for too long thinking about it, because it’s as depressing as it can be. Tens of thousands of conversations and interactions locked down in multiple walled gardens because I thought it was just the right thing. Grrr … No, it wasn’t!

      Anyway, let’s look forward to what awaits us ahead. In upcoming blog posts, I will try to do a succinct exercise about some of those conversations I’ve been having over the years in those closed spaces and add some fresh thinking over here to help amplify the conversations and the learning behind it all.

      Look forward to further interactions and conversations over time, Marie-Louise! Many many thanks for the words of encouragement 🙏🏻😅

      Hope all is well at your end …

  2. @Luis, yes RSS still works. Sometimes technology NOT changing is a good thing.

    I myself have continued to blog. I did have a fairly major backlog on professional content, but friends could know that I’m still alive, from the near -daily photos.

    1. Hi, David,

      WOW!!! Long time no speak / chat! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the wonderful feedback comments! Yeah, I am finding out a bunch of folks still had this blog in their RSS newsfeed readers, so it’s been quite refreshing catching up!

      I am glad you’re still blogging and everything. I am in the process of curating further my own RSS feeds although it’s interesting you mentioned about your photoblogging. That’s what I have done with my Flickr account. I have got a blog post brewing in terms of what’s meant so far and how, thanks to it, I decided to come back to the blog to reclaim back the space the good old Web 2.0 used to have from back in the day.

      Fun times!

      Look forward to further interactions and conversations! It’s good to be back! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  3. Welcome back on your digital home. I have missed you here and followed you wherever you went.

    To your first post. Never feel embarrassed about anything you said or did. You did it in the context of then. I love the fact that I can go back and actually see you thinking evolving.

    Although I realize that you have posted a lot on linked in in the last year. Which has made linkedin for me a place to actually rely from time to time and give my 5 cents. It will now go back to the desert of marketing and promotion once more.

    Your insight that on those closed spaces your thoughts and blogs will get lost in time and algorithms is so true. The algorithms out there optimize for engagement for profit. So it means it will try and keep me entertained. Now your post most of the time are meant to make you think and also are more of a long read than most will find time for.

    In short you did yourself a favor and got back to the blogosphere and build your own home. Or maybe your own digital public space.

    Your thinking over time has always inspired me to respond, think and give my opinion and our discussions over the last two years has been fun and honest. The pandemic has changed the game around remote work a lot, but the reality is that most are struggling now, in conflict between old ways and new ways of working.

    For now, I look forward to see regular posts here and need to think of a way to keep myself into sync with you.

    1. Hiya, Rob,

      Thanks ever so much for dropping by and for sharing such wonderful commentary! Whoaaah! LOVE IT ALL!!! 😍😍😍

      You know what? I should probably state it’s embarrassment, indeed, but perhaps I should also add something else to define it: proud embarrassment! Why? Because through it I can see how I have seen myself evolving over the years in terms of what I used to think AND write, come to terms with it, and see how it all fits together nowadays where the context has changed forever.

      I very much appreciate all of your insights and interactions over the years we’ve been having in LinkedIn and elsewhere. I am pretty sure they will continue to. certain degree, form and shape. I just thought for the long-read reflections I needed to have a welcoming space where people wouldn’t have to worry about having an algorithmic intermediary interceding, making things more difficult. No, thanks! I would much prefer to focus on cultivating and facilitating these conversations out in the open for everyone to benefit from. Not just a small few.

      With the recent transition into working distributedly, I think it’s a good time to help amplify the conversations and move the needle accordingly. I am hoping we will eventually keep up with those conversations and what we have co-created and co-learned together over time.

      Something tells me it’s just the beginning and I certainly look forward to our next conversation! 🙌🏻😍🙌🏻

  4. I’ve been wondering about this topic as well, particularly with all the silliness happening in the social media landscape.

    We all want a simple place where we can converse with friends, colleagues, and the wider network of people represented by those smaller networks. Sometimes we just want a few people, sometimes we don’t mind a big crowd.

    As it stands now, even with comments, I think our blogs are a great place to record our current (and evolving) thinking. Short quips and ideas are valuable, but those seem to be destined to be lost to the ephemera with tweets and email.

    Oh, and we would love it if our friends could move with us from place to place.

    1. Hi, Jack,

      Thanks much for dropping by and for taking the time to share such wonderful feedback! You are not wrong, my dear friend, in fact, I have been following your KM blog for many many years and, till today, it’s still one of my essential reads in my RSS feeds.

      It’s what I love about blogging. that we can have a moment to pause and reflect, to converse at a lower pace about the topics we care about with the people who make the effort to drop by, to eventually keep developing those relationships, one interaction and conversation at a time, vs. the constant rat lab races all of these media tools have ‘enforced’ upon. Talking about snacking around, right? 😜

      Either way, I had enough of it. I thought it was a good time to come back to the one place where I feel welcome to have all of these conversations about the topics I’m passionate about, see how far they can go, how they become an extension of my brain and how that may benefit others, as much as I do, from our conversations.

      I can only say I thank you for your perseverance in keeping up with these conversations throughout the years and for sticking around. I know I haven’t done a good job through various media tools, i.e. Twitter, but, over here, it’s the place where I’ll always … be … in whatever form / shape.

      Many many thanks, once more, for the lovely feedback and look forward to further conversations through the blogs! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    1. Hiya, Rachel,

      Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the lovely feedback! Awww, you are very kind 🙏🏻😊

      Yeah, it’s been long-time coming, frankly. I eventually had to make a decision about something that was bugging me big time. I will eventually be blogging about it soon, but earlier on this afternoon I had a 1:1 Web meeting with Keeley Sorokti and it was comforting to confirm I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

      Something is brewing, I’d say, specially, in the Community space, at least, that we could gather while conversing earlier on. It’s probably a good time to re-herd the cats and do some awesome stuff (again)! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  5. Welcome back home Luis! My feed reader noticed the stirrings in the force, and surfaced your voice again. Not sure if next to pingback you have other means to detect blogposts mentioning your postings, and I can’t use pingback and now only use webmention, so by way of pingbak, the link with my name links to a posting about your recent writings. Looking forward to renewed distributed conversations!

    1. Hi, Ton,

      Thanks ever so much for the lovely re-welcome and for the fantastic feedback! Whoaaah! How fast times have flown, right? 😅👍🏻 It’s been such a wonderful and re-energising experience coming back to the blog and spend some time writing, reflecting and re-connecting with old-time bloggers I, perhaps, may have been neglecting for far too long in the midst of the so-called social-media distraction. Yikes! 😢

      Either way, when I decided to resume my blogging mojo a few weeks back, after that two year absence, I decided to also dust off my RSS newsfeeds and rediscover what it is like ‘bumping’ into wonderful write-ups by other folks without any intermediaries, usually, nasty, obscured and pretty borked algorithms. That’s why I had a smile in my face when I saw you and your blog still active coming through my RSS feeds. And here we are now, commenting along! Really cool!

      I did get the notifications / pingbacks from your blog posts and will be dropping by shortly to also leave some comments and re-kindle the good conversations we used to have back in the day… For the good old times and for the new ahead! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

      Many thanks, once more, for the wonderful feedback and look forward to further conversations / interactions over time!

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