Let The Next Adventure Begin – The With Whom (#CAWW)

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    1. Hi David, many many thanks, my friend! Yes, it’s an exciting time and really looking forward to getting things started with this new adventure along with finding out next week in Paris plenty more about Agile Elephant and what you guys are all up to 🙂

      Thanks again for the best wishes! And safe travels!

  1. Congrats Luis! Just read your last three posts! So now I know (and the world does too!) what you are up to.

    Such a fantastic freedom you must feel now… to be able focus on the things that you have passion about and things that you know you can have an impact on.

    Glad to see you starting up the blog posting engine again. I look forward to seeing you post more out here. It will motivate me to do the same on my blog!

    If I can ever be of help to you, please reach out to me. I consider myself a member of “the system of we!” that you mention….

  2. Congratulations, Luis – This is really great news for all of us who find your thinking and work so valuable. Looking forward to where the all leads you…

  3. Great posts. Thanks for sharing. Please reach out to me if your work/life gives you time to write a book. Given what you are doing now – some exciting ideas are brewing on topics you could write about.

  4. Luis, I wish you prosperity on your career change.

    I happened to be revisiting your blog origins — part of the fact-finding for my dissertation — and was surprised to see so much happening in your life over the past few weeks.

    After my early retirement from IBM in September 2012, I was looking to finish off my Ph.D., and temporarily got waylaid to lead an IBM business partner. The startup activities were consuming, but now the organization has matured so that I’m operating much as I did inside IBM in 2007-2008.

    Ex-IBMers eventually come to appreciate the benefits of IBM culture, heritage, stability, innovation and cameraderie. Some IBM business partners continue to practice the traditional IBM values. Maintaining the ongoing ties to IBM can be worthwhile, as ex-IBMers “know how things work”. (How many times have outsiders said that they couldn’t figure out IBM, and you knew exactly what was going on)?

    I’ll continue to follow your life changes on your blog. You know where to find me!

  5. Wow, this seems like a great group of people — and one that will keep you thinking, sharing, learning and teaching. Looking forward to seeing where it leads you. It already seems to have led you to “Le Carré des Feuillants”, which has me wondering: where do I sign up?

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