The Trials and Tribulations of an Independent Freelancer – Your Online Bio Profile and Digital Footprint

4 thoughts on “The Trials and Tribulations of an Independent Freelancer – Your Online Bio Profile and Digital Footprint”

  1. The challenge isn’t the “rewrite” – the challenge is the sheer NUMBER of spaces online we establish ourselves under one identity / company brand, and then need to alter it. Facing my own impending move of org, I’ve made a shortlist of the profiles I need to at least update the company name and brand on, which I’ll hit the day of the change… but you still don’t get to carry a cohesive and common digital ID card with you as you move around. Annoying!

    Good luck in everything, and the “new brand” is looking great from right here!

    1. Hi Andy, many thanks for the great feedback and please do allow me to extend one more time the wonderful news about your recent move into Twitter. Congratulations!!

      I couldn’t have agreed more with you on your thoughts about the many profiles we get to build over time out the Social Web and that we would need to keep updating over time. A while ago I decided to stop spreading thinner and thinner by the day and I eventually decided to just focus on 3 major profiles to work with, initially, and then have some kind of “presence” on all the other ones.

      Those three social networking tools are Twitter, Google Plus and IBM Connections, followed by LinkedIn. And those are the ones I will be updating over the course of time, including the much needed About Me Web link over here 🙂

      For the rest, one step at a time, and a short update here and there, but this time around being a whole lot more conscious of how ephemeral that social presence may well be if not sustained over the course of time!

      Either way, I am getting there updating all of the relevant online profiles where I would want to maximise my presence in terms of figuring out where my networks are. And on top of that, just the other day, I got asked whether I was going to create a Facebook account again, after having deleted 4 years ago! Grrr, nope, not for the time being anyway 🙂

      Thanks again for the kind comments, Andy! And here’s to all the best in your new brave adventure!

    1. Hi Jemima, many thanks for dropping by and for noticing this article. Yes, it does feel a bit strange thinking that I’ve been there for 17 years and now on to something completely different: independent freelancer. Goodness! Talking about going from one extreme to the other, right? 🙂

      Having a blast though at the moment ramping things up and getting back on track after the short break I took in February. Looking forward to learning plenty more about what it is like that freelance world you are referring to hehe Something tells me it’s going to be a wild ride!

      Thanks again for the kind wishes! See you soon!

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