Let The Next Adventure Begin – The What Next (The System of Me)

11 thoughts on “Let The Next Adventure Begin – The What Next (The System of Me)”

  1. Congratulations! I left the mother ship long ago (1986 after 9 years) so I know what a wrench it will be (albeit IBM is a very different company now compared to back then). The good news for the world of social and open business is that we’ll get your unfettered thoughts – you’ve always been forthright, but its different when you are independent and doing your own thing. Really looking forward to working with you in your New World.

  2. Luis, I first had to have a look at Scott Adams. Dilbert is simply great. So, if you are able to manipulate your luck with positive attitude and with widening your field of perceptions than you will be a very lucky guy. You are for sure in my top list of people having a positive attitude.

  3. Congratulations Luis, one of the many things I like in your post is the fact that you mention the preference of systems over goals. Goals now a days seem to be driving more the individual rather than the group. Maybe because we still don’t know how to measure system based performances and accomplishments and we are very good at measuring the individual performance alone. ( qualitative vs quantitative) If we refer to the system correctly, automatically we know that we are part of something bigger than our own individual ( goal oriented) world. Systems once mentioned and exposed openly bring a lot more learning and growth opportunities than the individual with his or her goals alone. Also the fact that you refer to systems for me corrolates strongly with “Human systems” which inevitably is what we are made of and revert to whether at work or in our personal lives. The challenge remains to promoting system based approaches vs individual approaches. We need inspiration we and we need examples of system based performances and accomplishments in order for us to have a collective domino effect and have everyone join the system. and after the fact that you mention your involvement in teaching, a person once said to me all roads lead to Facilitation…making things a lot easier for folkswhich involves helping them join the We system.

  4. The world surely needs a solopreneur like yourself to help make sense & provide guidance on the road to open and human organizations!
    Let me know if I can help in any way (but I’ll surely start by suggesting your name to some corporate folks 😉 )

  5. Hey Luis:

    As a long-time proponent of KM, social business, systems thinking, etc., I have long admired your work and viewpoint. Thanks for sharing this. It helps put all the failures I’ve experienced since my “retirement”.

    Of all the people in my reasonably extensive network, you are surely one of the most affable and adventurous. Of course, I wish you the best. Even more so, it is my hope we can find some common ground to work on and make a difference together.

    All power to Hippie 2.0!

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