The Why and How of Establishing Your Web Persona by David Ing

3 thoughts on “The Why and How of Establishing Your Web Persona by David Ing”

  1. Luis, thanks very much for referencing my writeups.

    One of the interesting byproducts of having a blog is the ability to keep track of why people are coming to the site. I see that a lot of people are coming from Google on searches related to installing WordPress on their own domains.

    On content, it’s an interesting choice of whether to be coherent on one theme (i.e. being strategic) or just to blog more randomly. I’ve gone for the more random route, so I also get a lot of hits about my thoughts on the iPhone (before it was released), emerging business opportunities (which are in the vocabulary at IBM, but actually can be traced to a book published elsewhere)and the Big Mac index applied to iPods.

    I have split my persona into two, with a separate photoblog that is time-sequenced. A lot of people seem to want to visit Seattle Grace Hospital (which is the fictional place in the television series “Grey’s Anatomy”).

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