Resistance Is Futile – Finally Joining Facebook!

3 thoughts on “Resistance Is Futile – Finally Joining Facebook!”

  1. Dennis regularly asks great questions and that one is a good example. A related question is “what will your policy be about accepting invitations to ‘friend’ someone?”. I have a stack of invitations sitting there from people I don’t recognise but just might have some connection with: they might expect that I would know and I am wimping out about rejecting the offer, lest I unwittingly give offence.

  2. It is quit funny and more genius for you join Facebook for reasons out of the norm. I told myself since I was in the eleventh grade(which i am currently a freshman at Michigan State University)that i would never join facebook. I said to myself that I would not put myself in the position to join what i thought was “a setup for negativity,” but just like you, i began to get curious and wonder what was so great about Facebook. My summer got so boring this year, that i decided to join. I never knew that i could meet new people and rekindle former friendships, all the way from elementary. Despite all the negativity that i thought would come from being a member, it turned out to work for the best. I began to network and meet new people before i made my transition from high school to college. I would love to hear more about the way that your research is coming.

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