Goodbye Qumana, Hello Windows Live Writer?!?

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Qumana, Hello Windows Live Writer?!?”

  1. Hi James! Thanks much for the heads up! Actually, I did that with the first attempt to insert a picture, but then something mixed up and had to re-do it and while doing that I forgot about the border (Doh!) and didn’t include it. Probably too long making use of Qumana, but it surely makes a difference. So thanks for bringing that up and for reminding me about it. Good stuff!

    Thanks for dropping by as well and for sharing this tip! Appreciated.

  2. I must admit I have been using WLW irregularly for a while now, and can only agree, I rather like it. Almost hurts to say that about a M$ product! 😉

    I’m struggling with kicking the habit of going online to post though! Must try harder!

  3. Hi Simon! Thanks a lot for the additional feedback comments! I know exactly what you mean 😉 heh But it is still very much worth while a try. And if you haven’t done any offline blogging, you surely should have a look. It makes such a difference being able to work in an environment where you are never going to curse the fact that the browser crashed while you were putting together a lovely blog entry. I tell you, I could not live without offline blogging clients. They make such a difference!

    And when you are travelling, they are awesome for drafting blog posts you can then share as soon as you have got the connection going. Talking about productivity tools while in the air!

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