Bringing People and Processes Together by Mike Roche

8 thoughts on “Bringing People and Processes Together by Mike Roche”

  1. Luis, I am very pleased to know that you would start a new category for covering IBM speficially and thank you for introducing me as an influencer for you to open a new category. I am very much looking forward to latest work of Mike Roche. And I would like to have further exchange of communication and information with you, regarding how to improve the alignment of process and people, especially acitivity as “me” processes. Best regards

  2. Hello Sawada-san ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind feedback comments! Yes, certainly, I will try to keep up with things in this area and see what Mike and his team have been busy with and would then contact you offline to discuss some of this further and perhaps share then something more concrete at a later time. Thanks again for the heads up!

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  4. Hello Sawada-san !

    Thanks ever so much for the feedback comments ! What a fantastic set of links shared above ! Thanks a lot for taking the time to find those and for adding them into this particular presentation. Although generally speaking most of the different presentations hosted there may be a bit too technical for this audience (Perhaps a bit) the one on Web 2.0 and SOA – The Common Thread is certainly worth while reading through as perhaps one of the most interesting. So it would make for a good read, indeed !

    Then around the subject of the second link that surely looks like an worth while reading link, too ! So thanks for sharing that one, too ! Let’s see if I am able to have a look into it over the next couple of days or so as it requires some registration and need to go through that. Either way, really appreciated all the feedback comments. Thanks again !

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