IBM Lotus Ventura – IBM’s Take of Social Software within the Enterprise

4 thoughts on “IBM Lotus Ventura – IBM’s Take of Social Software within the Enterprise”

  1. Luis, it it inteteresting to report to you that your entry about Lotus Ventura has been ranked No.1 on my blog for these 3 consecutive days according to Goole Analytics. I can not tell why, since there are no specific comment so far.My blog is, as you may already know, a sort of IBM centric repository of articles, so most of the recurring visitors may be keeping track of what going on whithin IBM

  2. Hi folks! Thanks a lot for stopping by and for the feedback comments ! Greatly appreciated, indeed!

    Sawada-san, that is certainly some terrific piece of news and I am really glad that people are getting excited about what IBM is doing around the topic of social computing, even more now that a whole bunch of announcements have gone live at IBM’s Lotusphere 2007, which I am starting to share some insights about over here. Thus stay tuned because there will be many more updates coming up as we get along.

    Tim, appreciated the trackback to your account on the different happenings at the Lotusphere 2007 event. It is certainly incredibly helpful to be able to read up what you guys have been up to and get all that positive feedback coming through. Keep up the good work and keep weblogging!

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