IBM Warms to Social Networking – Probably About Time, Right?

5 thoughts on “IBM Warms to Social Networking – Probably About Time, Right?”

  1. Luis, this is the Terrific summary of what is happening in IBM’s activity in social software area. Dogear, Fringe Contacts and “activity explore” etc would be expected to be integrated into a kind of “federated services” to empower knowledge activities of prodfessionals, empowerd by BLOG and QESwiki collaborative tools in social software. Looking forward to seeing your continued coverage and analysis of all these trends. Regards

  2. Thanks very much, Sawada-san, for the kind feedback comments and for dropping by. Welcome to elsua!

    I certainly agree with you that we are witnessing some really exciting times where we would be able to see the real impact on a large corporation like IBM with that adoption of social software. Right now there are plenty of different initiatives becoming available to knowledge workers so that we can already start experimenting with them. And what we are going to see, indeed, like you mentioned, is how after they have reached critical mass we would be seeing how they would try to integrate with one another in order to provide that people portal concept that I have been talking about a couple of times already.

    Take, for instance, the example of Sametime 7.5. Perhaps right now, one of the most powerful real-time collaboration tools out there that I will be expanding some more on as time goes by but which it is already starting to integrate some of those different social software tools with the usage of the famous plugins that continue to being built over an extended period of time. More and more of these plugin components are connecting Sametime with other social media tools and acting as the main bridge between one and the other but the key important thing over here is that the knowledge worker / end-user is always in control of the information so that they decide themselves how to best make use of it. Very powerful, indeed, but not to worry because I shall be explaining some more on this as time goes by.

    Thanks again for the feedback !

  3. Luis, thanks for additional clarification. Expecting to see YOUR Summary of upcoming Lotus announcement. BTW, FYI, pls refer tp the following report on IBM QEDWiki to address situational applications development for hidden application development, so called DIY IT coined by Rod Smith and echoed by Mike Rhodin. File is located at

    Appreciate your commnent on this QEDwiki project too.
    Best regards

  4. Luis, additional information for your interests.

    Mike Roche of IBM Ireland conver IBM activity relative to Social Networking Software, aka “People” software

    Dive on β€˜People’ software
    􀂃 Collaboration services
    τ€€— Instant Messaging
    τ€€— Learning
    τ€€— Knowledge Management
    τ€€— Expertise location
    τ€€— Documents
    τ€€— Teamspaces
    􀂃 Social Computing
    τ€€— Tagging
    τ€€— Social bookmarking
    τ€€— Social Network Analysis
    τ€€— Communities
    τ€€— PeoplePages
    τ€€— Activities
    τ€€— Blogs

    Looks like this is very close to what your are covering.
    Best regards

  5. Hi Sawada-san ! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments and for the sharing of those really great resources around the subject of social software and what IBM is doing in that particular respect. You would have noticed how it has taken me a little bit of time to reply to your comments and I must admit that it is all due to the fact that I am preparing a couple of surprises regarding those different resources and I am just waiting for the final heads up and you will get to see what that surprise was all about. So bear with me while I get the final details sorted out and you will see the end-results…

    Again appreciated all the feedback comments and wonderful resources shared thus far and will hopefully be speaking to you soon ! (I have tried to locate your e-mail address in your own blog to drop you an e-mail on this but couldn’t find it. Therefore this reply hoping that it may still get over to you)

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