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Open Business and The Power of Habit

If you have been reading this blog for a while you would remember how all along I have been insisting on the fact that for businesses to facilitate and adapt to that Social / Open Transformation technology is nothing more than just an enabler, it’s the icing on the cake, and how[…]

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The Future of Open Business At Stake

About a year ago, I put together an article where I was reflecting on the fact of how plenty of the early thinkers of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business, the social evangelists, were starting to become rather scarce and very rare to be seen out there on the Social Web. So[…]

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Industrialisation of Social Networking for the Enterprise

Or, to put it in other words, automation of your social networking presence. That worrying topic has been in my mind for quite a while, and, lately, even more so, specially, seeing how plenty of people continue to automate, even further along, their online digital footprints with the argument, amongst[…]

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Essential Qualities of Open Business Ambassadors

A couple of weeks back Laura Dinneen put together a rather interesting and insightful blog post on the topic of “Five Essential Qualities of a Social Business Champion” where she described, quite accurately, some of the various different traits Social Business Champions need to master and excel at if they would[…]

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