Open Business Strategies – Helping Someone Else Achieve Their Goals

2 thoughts on “Open Business Strategies – Helping Someone Else Achieve Their Goals”

  1. Hi Luis

    Really enjoying your return to blogging. Welcome back. This post is particularly inspiring:

    “Helping others become more awesome.”

    “How can I help you achieve your goals if I don’t know what you are doing, or working on?”

    I am going to use those quotes as part of my aims for The Smart Work Company, if you don’t mind. Attributed of course 🙂

    1. Hi Anne-Marie, awww, you are just wonderful! Thanks much for dropping by and glad you are enjoying my coming back to blogging. There will be plenty more coming along, for sure! Since this year I have decided to commit to it, even more! 🙂 hehe I would be delighted for you to use those quotes and share them across any which place you would want to or in the context of The Smart Work Company. I would be delighted and truly honoured! Thanks much for the heads up!

      Look forward to perhaps meeting up F2F some time during the course of the year! Speak soon!

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