Enterprise 2.0 – A Joyful Definition

One thought on “Enterprise 2.0 – A Joyful Definition”

  1. Great video (I always wanted to learn juggling but never did) but leaves me a bit puzzled. Virtually all of the text and video monologue talked about how things would be different in business as people realized that they could be more open, interconnected and collaborative across the entire “enterprise” (for which the definition is equally functional.) Given that focus on how things will function differently, I find myself wondering if the entire E-2.0 discussion isn’t about people learning to act differently in their working lives. Having been in the information industry for 45 years, I have seen that willing people working for willing leaders have always found ways to collaborate, share and be mutually support. In virtually every case where this did not happen, the problem was the humanity, not the tools or lack thereof. Indeed, entering the industry in the mid-60s, I saw examples of incredible collaboration and E-2.0 behavior even with that time’s nearly caveman level of technology.
    I would suggest therefore that E-2.0 focus, conferences, symposia and forums might better be focused on the task of developing a workforce willing as well as able to embrace what the new tools enable; and where this is not happening in organizations that have attempted to embrace E-2.0, to focus on upgrading attitudes, corporate citizenshiup and skills rather than technology.

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