Adaptation: The Key to Become a Socially Integrated Enterprise

3 thoughts on “Adaptation: The Key to Become a Socially Integrated Enterprise”

  1. Oh Luis! You are going to love a white paper Joachim wrote on this very topic. “Towards Higher Rates of Adoption for Social Business Platforms Through Adaptation and Exaptation.” It will be available very soon as we’re getting ready to launch the next version of our web site.

    I *love* this: “And it’s been a fascinating journey all along, because, eventually, the focus is on modelling new behaviours, new ways of interacting, of conversing, of opening up, of helping and caring for one another getting work done, understanding we are all in this journey to provoke our very own transformation, and, certainly, harmful items like competition, knowledge hoarding, corporate politics and bullying, gamification (in whichever form and shape), busyness, extenuating work / peer pressures and whatever else are not very helpful in getting people to adapt to a brave new world: becoming a Socially Integrated Enterprise.”

    Socially Integrated Enterprise! Nailed it.

  2. Luis, your phrase “inspiring adaptation” instead of “driving adoption” has inspired me! I’ll be using it shamelessly from here on. You’re right – language matters.

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