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Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All

Like I have mentioned yesterday, it’s been a few days already since I jumped the shark and joined the bunch of early adopters who have been hammering down, and taking for a spin, the latest iteration of Google to get social with Google Plus, right after Google Wave and Google[…]

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Finding Experts in Your Company … Through Micro-Sharing

There is no doubt that one of the big challenges in the corporate world that every single business faces more often than not is the ability to find experts successfully in a timely manner. It’s probably, next to finding information, the number one challenge that every single knowledge worker faces[…]

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Social Networking – The Twitterverse Debates

TwitDir says that it is currently tracking 951,235 Twitter users. Yes, I know that for many other Web 2.0 applications available out there this sounds like peanuts, zero, nothing, zip, nada! However, if you come to think about it, having nearly one million end-users is way many more than what[…]

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Vacation eMail Page

Last week, in a very interesting and enlightening blog post, Ross Mayfield, Chairman, President & Co-founder of Socialtext, and who I had the great pleasure of meeting up in person while in Lotusphere 2008, mentioned how he is taking a very provocative turn into expanding further with his adoption of[…]

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