A Refreshing New Way of Collaborating and Sharing Knowledge – Giving up on e-mail! (Part I)

26 thoughts on “A Refreshing New Way of Collaborating and Sharing Knowledge – Giving up on e-mail! (Part I)”

  1. I’d love to try that, but alas, at my day job, they’ve only barely started to wean themselves off phone calls and faxes… and we’ve had enterprise email since at least 1991! We have an enterprise license for QuickPlace, but no, instead people thrash out long topics in email that then overload my account quota and get everything all plugged up.

  2. Hi Elsua!
    Totally inspiring Am looking to test this within my own organisation, although, not sure others are there with it all yet. Really be interested to see how it shifts behaviour and use! Keep it up!

  3. Wow. Now that fires off a LOT of questions in my head, mainly variations of “why doesn’t it backfire?”

    How do you keep from getting information glut??? In your Effecting Blogging interview, you said that you scan 2,500 articles each morning! If we assume that everyone will follow suit and also give up on email, that number will easily double, right? How will you keep from missing questions that people would normally direct to you via email? Will they need to make a post, then send a link to you via email or is there some other mechanism?

    And how do you follow replies to your comments on others’ blogs? Will that scale?

    Put another way… your mail inbox has a priority all its own because people are sending messages to you, individually and specifically. If you are giving that up, why isn’t it making things worse for you?

  4. Obviously Luis has found the mix of collaboration tools that best meets his needs. However, he is a collaboration evangelist. His needs are very different from others’.

    I know that any kind of categorization is going to be over-simplification of life, but it might be interesting to draw up some categories of knowledge workers and then assign a recommended “bundle” of tools that would meet that type knowledge workers’ needs.

  5. Hello folks! Thanks very much for sharing your insights and thoughts on this particular blog post. Lots and lots of really good questions, so have taken the liberty of creating a follow up blog post where I have added some additional input to add further up into the conversation. You can grab the link direclty from the main page.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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