Finding Experts in Your Company … Through Micro-Sharing

7 thoughts on “Finding Experts in Your Company … Through Micro-Sharing”

  1. My favorite expert locator to this day is still Fringe aka BluePages+1. It was an IBM internal tool developed by a tiny team. It used the standard white pages directory lookup (called BluePages at IBM) and allowed any user to tag any other user with any keyword.

    While only a small subset of people used it, that subset used it extensively and thus a large portion of the population got tagged. As someone gained more tags their tag cloud grew. It was so easy right after you looked someone up to call them to just key in a few keywords about the topic you were discussing.

    I left IBM in 2007 so I am not sure what became of that system, but I loved it.

    @klowey22 is going to lead a discussion on “Expertise Location at #KMers March 30th 12pm ET

    Hope to see everyone there.


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