Finding Experts in Your Company … While You Are on the Road!

3 thoughts on “Finding Experts in Your Company … While You Are on the Road!”

  1. I accudentally voted 1 star on this blog entry. You have my permission to remove it.

    I think there is another significant barrier facing large companies… Your responsibilty, your role, your corporate definition, your risk, your reward are often ill defined, and worse, often conflict with the stated goals you outline.

    Sent from iPhone because Corp Internet access doesn’t allow it. .. One ve for mobile:)

  2. I agree with you Luis, from the perspective you paint, 2010 will not be the year of the mobile phone. Having just stepped out of the large corporate environment and now being a self employed entrepreneur; for me 2010 is definitely the year of the mobile phone.

    Everything I need and want is available on my iPhone and is making me incredibly effective when on the road. Collaborating with my fellow buddy entrepreneurs is easy through all social media tools available out there. And when needed I can discuss business sensitive stuff in protected private groups. It works great.

    The only downside I see so far is the huge roaming cost when traveling abroad. In a shameless way providers know how to get money out of your pocket. Even when using the same provider abroad it costs more than technology could justify. That will however be a matter of time before also that hurdle will be taken. Either by providers choosing sensible ratings or users choosing alternative solutions.


  3. I think you’ve identified the next “big thing” in enterprise social media. Mobile access will be extremely important to people in sales, marketing and PR. Rightly or wrongly, their customers and audiences expect them to possess expert knowledge, or at least know where to find it. In my estimation, Mobile social media equals mobile knowledge management, which puts the “experts” at your fingertips, when you need them.

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