Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All

12 thoughts on “Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All”

  1. Great write up Luis. I’m looking forward to trying G+. Could be what I’ve been waiting for.

  2. Oh wait, you forgot one more egregious offense by Twitter of late – the requirement that any integrated tool also access to your Direct Messages! Ok, so now they limit the time frame of that access. But really. Why does any other app, other than Twitter, need access to your DM stream? We already know Facebook apps and the privacy model is wrong. But Twitter? I used to integrate many Twitter apps without thinking. Now I refuse them all.

    But I agree Google + could very well easily take over Twitter for me – and address some of my own annoyances in my professional circles (many you address above beautifully). And in a few months, I might get used to Google+ only to replace Facebook as well … I’m open to considering that at some point. For now, I like having a totally “personal” app and totally “professional” app.

    All Google needs to do now is create a killer iPhone and iPad app. When I shut down work, I prefer to be mobile and G+ leaves a lot to be desired on the iPhone and iPad (on iPad even browser view drops many features). If Google doesn’t mess up TOS, they might have a winner.

    The only downside to G+? Wordy comments like mine when you might really want someone to be brief and get to the point 🙂

  3. Thanks for this, Luis. As usual, you’ve provided some clarity in a fast-changing environment. What is frustrating for me right now is I kinda feel like a person without a country. All the people I’m connected to in G+ are currently far more active in their professional lives with social media, e.g. the Community BackChannel, E2.0, and general Social Media and KM folks; everyone works for a large organization or has been doing it independently for years.

    The people I really need to engage and share with for what I’m currently focused on professionally aren’t on – and aren’t likely going to be on (at least not until Google opens G+ up to more folks) – this platform.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in any way saying I don’t want to continue my relationships with the people I’ve grown close to in the last few years, but I have little to teach them . . . and much to learn. It’s kind of a one way street right now. If I am to make a difference here, in the city in which I live, with its governance, educational, and business communities, I need to bring them on board. Unfortunately, they’re a more diverse and – in far too many ways – intransigent lot.

    So . . . I guess what I’m saying here is I’d like to be as excited as you are; I feel like I should be as excited as you are, but I have no one I’m working with to share that excitement. It’s not anyone’s fault – that’s for sure. It’s just the nature of the beast. And I agree with you. I see G+ as being disruptive in many ways, but I’m having trouble keeping up when my day-to-day activities don’t involve using many of the tools it’s threatening. I used to get paid to do this. Maybe in a while, eh?

  4. I guess I’m not quite as 100% positive as you are Luis, or at least, not yet.

    My major instinct with Plus is the same as I’ve felt with Android, Wave and Buzz before, that there’s some tremendous technology there that is very effective, but little emotional pull. There’s definitely a theme running through Google’s UI that just doesn’t draw me in and build the relationship between the tool and me. That’s why I’m back on iOS, using a full email client rather than GMail, etc. It’s all just a little too clinical for my tastes. Clearly others do not agree.

    Plus is definitely a game-changer though, no question. What happens next is really about integration. Twitter and Facebook are now so embedded in both the cultural psyche and the consumer web, that it’s going to take a big effort for Plus to overcome that. As well as getting the users onto the platform, they’ve gone to get the platform onto the users – on the majority of sites that the user visits. That’s a tough ask in the short term…

  5. Today social networking is very popular. it’s much more hard competition to get fame. Dig, twitter facebook has set their position. But if google provides much more better facility it may be possible. Great try. hope it would be successful……
    Mahesh Kumar

  6. I like G+ but I’m not ditching Flickr anytime soon. G+ may be better for uploading casual pictures of a birthday party or any other event, but as a photography aficionado, I find Flickr’s approach *vastly* superior, beginning with the possibility to upload a full size 12Mpx image and pull it in original resolution, easily viewing EXIF data, and other nice features.

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