Google Plus – Bridging Together Too Irreconcilable Worlds

2 thoughts on “Google Plus – Bridging Together Too Irreconcilable Worlds”

  1. Oh, very nice, indeed, Luis!

    I’ve yet to get into video conferencing, but the potential to really get to better know some of the people in various circles is appealing. For me, it’s always exciting to see when someone on the other side of the planet has responded to a conversation when I am online. I see it as the next stage of interpersonal globalization (the only kind of globalization worth a damn if you ask me).

    Thanks for sharing. Eager to get in the door at G+ one of these days.

  2. Great post Luis. As you know we’re constantly promoting the use of video, as one example, within communities and there is still a lot of room to grow there.

    Being a long time user of Google apps I’m looking forward to checking out +

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