Social Networking – The Twitterverse Debates

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  1. Hi Vaughan! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Very very helpful screencast, indeed, and although I am using a Mac as my default work machine, I think that plenty of folks on Windows would benefit from watching it quite a bit! Excellent stuff! Thanks a bunch for sharing the link to it over here! Very good!

    PS. Also for the Mac users out there, this would still be a worth while screencast to watch, since most of the basic processes are the same, including the installation flow, so you could tweak a thing here and there and off you go! … Twitter on!!

  2. hi Luis,
    yes Twitter is one of my most popular social networks too.
    Note 950k Twitter accounts, not users.
    eg some people have more than one or two accounts whether intentionally or accidentally
    some are businesses and services
    some are “placeholders”
    some are not active
    some are mock accounts eg do a search for Hilary Clinton
    so maybe, um 500k active users max?

  3. Hello Luis – Excellent post that is right on with what I experience at my company. I’ve just started following you (yankeesfan70) and look forward to engaging in the conversation. Checkout a recent post on my blog to see how twitter brings people together.

  4. Thanks a bunch, folks, for the additional feedback input! Greatly appreciated! @Jazz, you are right, I suspect as well that number would be a lot less considering how many folks have multiple Twitter accounts (I do), as well as business, organisations, news sites, whatever, wanting to dive in and having their own Twitter accounts as well. So, perhaps, we may be on the 500k, but I suspect it may be a lot higher than that. More on the 750k range, I would think. However it would be rather interesting to see how many unique e-mail addresses there are in Twitter as that would provide us a much closer and accurate number, I can imagine. Either way, I still think that even though the tool is rather simple to use and engage with, it doesn’t have plenty of people like most other, much more complex, social software tools available out there…

    @David, thanks a bunch for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Welcome to elsua!. Thanks as well for connecting through in Twitter. A few hours ago I went ahead and decided to follow up on Twitter, to keep the conversations going! Good stuff! I also read that blog post you referenced and it was spot on, too! Thanks for mentioning it over here!

    Another one that folks may well be very very interested in is this other one: Twitter Tools, Tweaks and Theories, where you can find an extensive review of what’s available for Twitter and where John shares some of the most helpful Twitter uses he can think of. Too funny, as we both identically share similar uses for our Twitter experience. All 8 points are just spot on!

    Like I said, an essential reading for those folks wanting to get started with Twitter and the wonderful world of micro-blogging! 😀

    Thanks everyone for the feedback thus far!

  5. More than the numbers, i would look at the way we could adopt the entire social computing toolkit, to drive change within the organization. I have recently logged onto facebook (ya, so i was hibernating), and i think its really cool, especially with the level of collaboration you would generate with apps being developed by people. of course, this may not work too well within the organization (how many guys in the office are going to write apps for the corporate facebok), but something we could explore?

  6. Microblogs are changing the world. Twitter is quite fine, but there are numerous variations of microblogging services at the moment.

    All important languages have their own microblog services, specialized microblogs are been launched about every week all around the world.

    Microblogs will remain, even if Twitter itself would die.

    It’s a pitty has died already…

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