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Bringing People and Processes Together by Mike Roche

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A couple of days ago I mentioned how I was also involved in the process of creating a new category here in elsua.net based on the good amount of feedback that I have been getting through comments, e-mails, instant messages, phone calls, etc. etc. that I just couldn’t ignore, nor neglect. Well, after having given it some further thought, and based on what quite a few of you have been saying all along, I am now happy to announce the creation and availability (With this first post, of course) of a new category over here under the title "IBM".

Yes, that is right, folks! From now on you would be able to get every now and then complete weblog entries dedicated to IBM and IBM happenings, pretty much like what John Patrick has been doing all along over at his weblog. However, most of it is going to be related to what IBM has been doing lately around the world of Knowledge Management, Communities, Collaboration, both Knowledge and Collaboration Tools and Social Computing. Exactly! The same stuff I get to talk over here on a regular basis but in this case touching base on some of the stuff that IBM is doing in that space, which is a lot, actually. But let’s go one step at a time.

I am really excited about doing something like this not only from the perspective of helping folks understand what is going on in the IBM world with its own KM and Collaboration strategy, but also from the point of view that it would give me a chance to share with you some of the work that I have been involved with the time I have been working over here. Thus stay tuned because it is going to be a fun ride!

I must say that there have been plenty of folks who have been very inspiring in my getting started with this new category, but if there is one person who has been a great influencer in taking this initiative further it is actually Tomoaki Sawada-san, who, for the last few weeks, has been sharing a number of incredibly useful and informative links to materials that IBM has been publishing around the area of KM, Collaboration and Social Computing (Thanks much, Sawada-san!).

I am not sure if you have been following up on all of the different comments over here, in this weblog, but I thought that to get things started and relate some of the stuff that IBM has been involved with in the area of KM, Collaboration and Social Computing, I would point you to a presentation that one of my fellow IBM colleagues put together and which Sawada-san has been sharing over here already a couple of times.

It is a presentation put together by Mike Roche and it is titled Bringing People and Processes Together. You can go ahead and download it from here and although it may not be very recent (Trying to get my hands on a more recent one that I will share as soon as I can) it still puts together a very compelling case that shows what IBM has been doing in the area of KM lately. This is one of those presentations that would be rather interesting for folks who would want to know how IBM has been evolving from the traditional KM strategy, where the focus was more on the explicit knowledge exchange (Yes, indeed, that focus, once again, on tools, technology and processes alone), towards reaching for that particular balance of both tacit and explicit knowledge exchanges  with a next generation KM based on social computing, by placing the focus on not only the technology and the processes but also on the people.

Yes, this is one of those presentations where you would be able to see where IBM is heading as far as KM, Collaboration and Social Computing are concerned. That is right. In this presentation you would be able to hear about current IBM technologies related to KM and collaboration; also a number of things on processes and, finally, perhaps the most interesting part how IBM is embracing social software within the enterprise with a number of different Web 2.0 related tools that would give you an idea of where we may be heading. Stuff like weblogs, social bookmarks, wikis, Sametime 7.5 (Including both IM and VoIP components, amongst others), activities, social networks, etc. are all starting to become part of the equation. And about time, I should add.

And because there is just so much information contained in those slides, including some of the different IBM knowledge, collaboration and social software tools that IBM is currently  making use of, I think I am just going to stop here for now and suggest you take a look at the slides themselves. Then, as we move forward, I am sure that I would be returning back to this weblog post to refer you folks to a number of the different slides since they all contain a good number of key points and messages as to how IBM is planning to take on board social software within the enterprise. Yes, I know what you are going to say now, what some people would call IBM 2.0, but we shall see if that would be accurate enough or not. Time will tell 😉

Feel free to append a comment over here if you would have any question or comment related to the presentation itself and I will try to answer it best I can. So from here onwards I just wanted to close off this weblog entry for now by thanking Sawada-san for that inspiration to get things started and let’s get the ball rolling!

(I was going to share this weblog post yesterday, but, unfortunately, my ISP decided to take a break for a few hours and knocked me out completely for the remaining of the day. For the third time in a row in just a few days! Sigh. So here it goes today)

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  1. Luis, I am very pleased to know that you would start a new category for covering IBM speficially and thank you for introducing me as an influencer for you to open a new category. I am very much looking forward to latest work of Mike Roche. And I would like to have further exchange of communication and information with you, regarding how to improve the alignment of process and people, especially acitivity as “me” processes. Best regards

  2. Hello Sawada-san ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind feedback comments! Yes, certainly, I will try to keep up with things in this area and see what Mike and his team have been busy with and would then contact you offline to discuss some of this further and perhaps share then something more concrete at a later time. Thanks again for the heads up!

  3. Hello Sawada-san !

    Thanks ever so much for the feedback comments ! What a fantastic set of links shared above ! Thanks a lot for taking the time to find those and for adding them into this particular presentation. Although generally speaking most of the different presentations hosted there may be a bit too technical for this audience (Perhaps a bit) the one on Web 2.0 and SOA – The Common Thread is certainly worth while reading through as perhaps one of the most interesting. So it would make for a good read, indeed !

    Then around the subject of the second link that surely looks like an worth while reading link, too ! So thanks for sharing that one, too ! Let’s see if I am able to have a look into it over the next couple of days or so as it requires some registration and need to go through that. Either way, really appreciated all the feedback comments. Thanks again !

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