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Shortcuts Podcast – How to Use Social Bookmarks

Some time ago you would remember how I created a weblog post announcing the new and incredibly useful podcasting initiative from IBM, available externally, called Shortcuts, where over the course of a couple of minutes you actually get to find out some really good hints and tips about different aspects of IT that would help increase your productivity, whether it is related to tool tips, good practices, emerging technologies, etc. etc. You name it.

So by now you probably have listened to the different podcasts on spyware, Instant Messaging, Lotus Notes e-mail archiving, managing contacts, weblog spam, phishing, recovering sent e-mail and Instant Messaging (Again). Well, this time around, regarding Cut #9 (Gosh, I just love that number!), I just wanted to mention how I have been given the pleasure and great honour to participate in this week’s podcast talking about one of my favourite subjects: How to Use Social Bookmarks. Yay!

The podcast itself was recorded with both Ben Edwards and George Faulkner and lasts for about 4 and a half minutes and it was a real treat. I had an incredible good time and these guys surely know their stuff about podcasting and everything around it.If you ever would want to know some more about podcasts and how to get started with your own they would be the right folks to talk to. Thus, thanks much, folks, for giving me the opportunity to chime in and participate in one of my favourite podcasts of all times: Shortcuts.

(Have you subscribed to it already?)

Anyway, if you were wondering what I talked about during those 4.30 minutes here is a quick overview of the topics I touched base on. I know there is a whole lot more to be said about the topic, but I am sure that will be coming up in future sessions…

1. Desktop independent: That is right. Now it is all about accessing your favourites on the web regardless of where you may be, whether at the office, while on the road or working from home. Right now, you just need you favourite social bookmarking site and an Internet connection and off you go.

2. Finding experts through their own bookmarks knowing not only about their interests but also what their subject matter expertise may well be based on those same bookmarks and the different annotations they may well have used thus far.

3. Visualisations available through TagClouds: Who doesn’t like TagClouds to get a visual representation of how people get to annotate their bookmarks, eh? I love TagClouds. Everyone should have one in their weblogs or whatever other web site(s). Everyone should perhaps even have one, or multiple, of them as business cards ! It would make things so much easier, don’t you think?

4. Integration with other online resources, i.e. blogs, web sites, wikis, etc. This is one of the features that I like the most myself about social bookmarks and something that you will get to see both in my IBM internal weblog and over here as well (See bottom of the page). The fact that with some simple HTML or Javascript you can embed your favourite bookmarks in your favourite sites and share that with everyone else. Pretty much like I have done with Dogear (Inside IBM) and also with BlinkList over here. Very nice!

Thus there you go. My first participation in an IBM external podcast and I am really excited it is Shortcuts. What a nifty entrance into the external podcasting world, for sure, but do not worry, because it is not going to be the last one. I am sure… But more to come at a later time …

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