Shortcuts Podcast – Choosing a Social Bookmarking Service (BlinkList)

7 thoughts on “Shortcuts Podcast – Choosing a Social Bookmarking Service (BlinkList)”

  1. Thanks for the great review of BlinkList! We love to hear from our users and love it when our community starts to write about us.

    If you have any more ideas on how to keep making BlinkList even better would love to hear from you.


  2. Hello Mike ! Thanks much for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! Well, yes, you know, it is the least I could do for one of the offerings that I keep on using several times a day to store some of my favourite bookmarks and learn from what others are also annotating and bookmarking. That is just some terrific stuff and one of the reasons why social bookmarking and BlinkList are just so cool !

    Well, if there would be anything that I would love to have with BlinkList is the capability of exporting my bookmarks in a format that I could then use to sync with my other bookmarks that I use internally with Dogear, IBM’s social bookmarking tool. If you folks could provide such exporting capabilities I would be just ecstatic ! I think that is the only thing missing to make BlinkList top notch of the social bookmarking offerings out there. And I am sure I am not the only one who thinks about this. So any chance of having that functionality implemented at some point? Please, please, please?!?! 😉

  3. Hi Janet ! Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback ! I am glad to find out that you are also enjoying BlinkList a great deal. I know it is a whole bunch of us, but it is always nice to find out others with similar interests, too ! Thus keep blinking away !

  4. Hi Luis,

    We are working on better exporting capabilities and will release a straight HTML and probably a CSV export as well. Will also keep the XML export that we already offer. I hope that will give you what you need.


  5. Hi Mike! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments. This is some really fantastic stuff ! As I said, the lack of export capability into HTML was one of the main issues I was having in order not to use BlinkList much more heavily than what I am doing at the moment, so knowing that you folks will put that feature together very shortly is certainly going to be just wonderful ! It would save us all *so* much time that just this capability will actually make BlinkList worth while trying out.

    So thanks a bunch for dropping by and for sharing this feedback with us ! Great stuff !

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