Five Questions: Brian Truskowski – Emerging Technologies and Jams at IBM

2 thoughts on “Five Questions: Brian Truskowski – Emerging Technologies and Jams at IBM”

  1. Luis-

    Can you point me to one or two posts in particular that describe how th Jams operate?

    As a Moderator of the Yahoo! group LinkedinBloggers I’m looking into ways to promote collaboration and communication among members of the group and the idea of the Jam intrigues me.

    – Dennis

  2. Hi Dennis !

    Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! Appreciated !

    I am not sure if it would help you much but check out the Technorati tag WorldJam where you would be able to find some interesting weblog posts regarding the topic of the Jams and a couple of them that have been conducted already in the recent past.

    However, if you would need more help or information details I would think that the Global InnovationJam Getting Started related pages would provide you with what you are looking for. If not let me know offline and I will have a look and see what I can find for you.

    Thanks again for the comments and let me know how useful, or not, those resources may have been to you thus far.

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