Off to Cincinnati

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  1. Hi Dennis ! Thanks ever so much for the kind comments and for dropping by. I am already in Cincinnati and the workshop hasn’t even started but I have been having some major highlights from the trip already, including a very nice surprise that I will get to blog about very shortly. Really nice. I will also share some more thoughts about the trip itself along with some pictures I have been taking 😉

  2. Luis,

    Just read that you were in Cinti for your KM conference. I wish I had known you were coming over this way. I used to blog with you at the corporate site. I recently relocated from Atlanta to Ohio, and used to live in Cinti for many years. In reading your blog I guess we wouldn’t have been able to meet as I was off in St Louis, MO attending an IT Conference. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Cinti, I saw your pictures and it appears you had a good time. Please continue writing a great blog that is enjoyable and educational reading. I always like reading your blog.
    Take Care,
    John S.

  3. Hello John ! Thanks ever so much for dropping by and for the kind feedback ! Good to see you back over here. Welcome !

    Yes, it surely was a pity that we didn’t know before about each other potentially being in the same area because it would have been really cool to meet up with you in Cincy and go for a couple of drinks and catch up with everything. Perhaps next time. Now that I know you are there, next time I am around I will drop you an e-mail or something so that we can meet up.

    Yes, that is right. I had an incredibly good time over there and plenty of different highlights to share with you, folks. I am writing a lengthy weblog post with some of those details but unfortunately it keeps getting bigger and bigger so I am hoping I may be able to share it some time soon. But all good and lovely things to tell and some of the most incredible moments I have had in a long while. I am really looking forward to sharing those over here. Stay tuned !

    Thanks again for the kind comments and not to worry, I shall keep on weblogging for quite some time now still … 😉

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