Shortcuts – Organise Your Digital Life – A Weekly Show from IBM

4 thoughts on “Shortcuts – Organise Your Digital Life – A Weekly Show from IBM”

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  2. Hi Luis,

    The ShortCuts team is so happy you like our new show. Of course, we would be even happier if you can come on our show and share your own great tips. How about it?

  3. Hi Ben ! Thanks very much for dropping by and for the feedback ! Oh, yes, you are on ! I will surely be glad to chime in whenever and wherever you would want me to. Just let me know whenever you would want to fire up something and I will be there. I really like this new Shortcuts initiative and best of all is that the whole bunch of folks I have shown it to are quite delighted with it, too ! Just brilliant ! Keep it up !

    Oh, before I forget, a big thumbs up as well to Easton Ellsworth for the blogtipping and for offering some really good suggestions about how to improve the overall elsua. Very good stuff ! Stay tuned because most of those changes would be coming up soon ! Thanks for the heads up and for the link love and next time it will be my turn 😉

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