Johny and The Simple Truth of Service

2 thoughts on “Johny and The Simple Truth of Service”

  1. What a story! One of the things I always think about is how can I encourage that sort of action out of my peers, my friends, and family. Simple answer is through leading by example. Walk past garbage on your street? Stop and pick it up. See someone struggling to get on the subway? Give them an arm to hold on to. It’s what I call the basics of being a human.

    Talk about leadership. Johnny is now leading us all through his example (well beyond that supermarket store). I always tell people I talk with that you don’t have to be in an executive or management position to be a leader. In fact, most managers that I know are the exact opposite of leaders. They just follow the systems and processes that their organization tell them to. So, I ask them, “how are you helping to lead our organization?” Seems like Johnny knew the answer…certainly a good question for all of us to ponder.

    Oh and by the way, launched my website: Thanks again for all of the inspiration, Luis!

    1. Hi Fred! EXCELLENT commentary, indeed! Thanks a lot for sharing it along with us over here in this blog post! I just couldn’t help thinking, while reading through your comments, about the blog post that Dave Snowden put together a while ago on Rendering Knowledge, which I still consider it the core foundation of what Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing and perhaps Social Business is all about. Specially, and related to this conversation this particular quote:

      “In the context of real need few people will withhold their knowledge. A genuine request for help is not often refused unless there is literally no time or a previous history of distrust. On the other hand ask people to codify all that they know in advance of a contextual enquiry and it will be refused (in practice its impossible anyway). Linking and connecting people is more important than storing their artifacts.”

      That’s just, indeed, part of our human nature that we have perhaps been neglecting and ignoring for a few decades and that I am really glad we are finally breaking loose from it thanks to the power of Social, where we are unleashing all of those human batteries that Lee Bryant talked about a few years back into changing not just the workplace, but also ourselves as part of our society!

      The true form, shape and impact of Leadership, if you ask me, too! 🙂

      PS. Thanks a lot for sharing the link to your side! Subscribed already to it and look forward to further conversations! Thanks again for dropping by and for the lovely comments!

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