Great Products Don’t Need Customer Service – “La Bicha”

5 thoughts on “Great Products Don’t Need Customer Service – “La Bicha””

    1. Hi Luis! Oh, yes, it does!! And much worse, perhaps!! It’s actually quite entertaining to see the owner of the place explain why he named the bar with “La Bicha” and how expressive he is about it! Wish I would have taken a few snap shots from quotes he had hanging on the walls to describe a little bit more what it is like … Rather revealing, and no, no pun intended, either! 🙂 haha

      Next time I am around I’ll take a couple of pictures of those quotes he has got hanging on the wall, so you can see what I mean …

  1. It is interesting that your example for a product that doesn’t need customer support is food, a product which:

    1) Millions of years of evolution have prepared you to use (consume)

    2) A lifetime of enculturation has trained you to acquire

    It seems to me the better lesson from the example is, if a business owner is comfortable and has no interest in growing her business, then she can ignore “customer service” (except the parts that involve money exchange and product delivery).

  2. As I was reading through I was also wondering myself what would happen if a competitor creates a product at the same level but with good customer service in addition.
    Will people move immediately?

    Talking about food I think there is also a part of feeling , emotion and tradition in the product, so it is not that easy (would say the same for Apple…!).
    But this may be a competitive advantage in other businesses, although never the main reason to buy a product to one company in particular, as you never expect to need customer support.
    Just thinking out loud.

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