Racing to the Top Where Corporations Are People

2 thoughts on “Racing to the Top Where Corporations Are People”

  1. Corporations have been machines. The people part was not welcome. It interfered with the conformity demanded by the machine. This is why workers were told to leave their emotions at home. “This is business.” And we wonder why the workforce is disengaged.

    Corporations are evolving into organisms. The people part is was created value. Innovation and growth are required to keep the corporate organisms growing. Treating people as people results in enthusiastic, emotionally engaged workers.

    We’re only now being to pay attention to workers’ feelings, values, and aspirations. It’s going to transform business top-to-bottom.

    The movie The Corporation argues that if the average corporation were a person, it would be labeled a psychopath. We need to rehabilitate the psycho. The ideal Corporation would resemble your generous uncle.

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