Solutions for An Ageing Population in the Era of Open Business

5 thoughts on “Solutions for An Ageing Population in the Era of Open Business”

    1. Hi Joahim! ROFL!!! Indeed! What the video said! It’s interesting to see how it doesn’t seem to have an urgent issue to tackle as many others when I *do* see it as the main challenge for over the next 20 years. The pyramid is about to get inverted and not being prepared for it is going to cost businesses millions of $$$ in adjusting accordingly.

      Perhaps I am missing something in here, but I am still not sure why the corporate world has not been paying attention in that huge shift in the demographics population and act accordingly. Like I said, hoping we are not too late by the time we react!

      Thanks again for dropping by, my friend! Appreciated the feedback, as usual!

  1. Yes to social tech plus storytelling … of all kinds! You might be interested in the exploration we have been doing for Nominet Trust into how we can use digital tech for wellbeing later in life. You’ll our latest idea is to create some fictional characters, tell their stories, and then map the innovations developed by many different interests onto the challenges – and opportunities – that they face. That seems a good way of helping people understand, in a human-centred way, what’s possible.
    We now want to convene some of the different agencies and companies interested and, if possible, figure out how best to collaborate in doing that. Any connections would be very welcome.

    1. Hi David! Many thanks for dropping by as well and for sharing along your thoughts as well on the topic. Very much appreciated. Just went through the link you shared above and watched the 5 minute long video clip and what a story!! Just brilliant! Thanks much for taking the time to share it across! The article itself is stunning on its own offering a whole new world of possibilities to a growing demographic for sure and I have taken the liberty of sharing the video link inside with a few groups and see what they would think about it… If something comes out of it, David, I will be in touch!

      Thanks again and please do keep it up! It’s inspirational activities / initiatives like the one you are involved with that clearly make a much needed impact in this world! Just fantastic!! Thanks again for taking the time to share it across!


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