The More We DO, the Less Time We Have to REFLECT – Happy New Year 2013!

8 thoughts on “The More We DO, the Less Time We Have to REFLECT – Happy New Year 2013!”

    1. Hiya, Mary! Thanks much for dropping by and for the welcome back! 🙂 hehe It’s *good* to be back, for sure, specially, as the energy and batteries are fully charged again for the new year and there are lots and lots of exciting things ahead for us all! Really look forward to catching up with you to find out plenty more about your own new adventures and all the very best!

      Happy New Year and let’s catch up soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Joachim! Double yay, indeed! I surely missed it. I missed the thinking time, the amazing conversations we have been having over here in the blogs and G+ and specially I missed the opportunity to grow my crazy ideas by throwing them out there and allow them to get improved and enhanced by you folks, that tribe and community I mentioned above! It’s been rather refreshing, for sure, to come back in full force and just you wait till I get back my blogging mojo and a couple of other surprises I have got reserved for you folks to learn about soon enough 🙂

      One of them includes Google Plus where I have been getting a huge amount of inspiration from the 2.0 Visuals community you put together and that I will be joining soon enough to share my ¢2 on plenty of the amazing work you have been doing lately and for how generous you have been sharing it across with us all! Just brilliant and rather privileged all of us to be witnesses of such great talent!

      Please do keep it up! 😀 And Happy New Year, too! Exciting times!!

  1. Hi Luis, Prospero Año Nuevo. I guess I’ve had an epiphany around this social stuff in 2012, a year in a new role understanding how it works for learning but now through the likes of yourself, about the fundamental changes it can have to the way we all work (I have a 6 year old daughter and I can’t wait to see what work look like for her) and how we can change things for the better. I suppose you have been a kind of blogging Angel in this respect! Look forward to getting to know you and your thoughts better in 2013.

    1. Hi Casson! Thanks a lot as well for dropping by and for the kind and warm wishes! Right back at ya! 🙂 Much appreciated the lovely feedback and glad that blogging has served the purpose of inspiration on the side! There will be plenty more coming along now that I’m fully back and I would think you would be chiming in the conversations as well, judging from where I’ll be be moving some of the topics of conversation I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while, when I was offline buzzing with work and everything…

      I, too, look forward to that time when your daughter will be experiencing work in whatever the form or shape we will be transforming it into. Because funny enough that’s probably the amount of time it will keep taking us to witness such massive transformation of how we do work and do business.

      Looking forward to the conversations and perhaps a chance to finally meet up F2F at some point during 2013! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention, Luis. I liked the quote. Good to see it struck a cord with you as well.
    And good to read another one of you LONG blogposts. I thought you said some time ago you wanted to write shorter ones? 😉

    1. Hi Sam! You are most welcome! Yes, that tweet pretty much described and rather accurately the state of things for me for the last part of 2012 and it resonated tremendously, so it was the least I could do to include it on my “Welcome back!” blog post as part of the good number of reflections I have been doing on this and other topics hehe

      RE: Long blog posts, yes, indeed, I know what you mean, but to worry, I’m still aiming at doing that and write shorter blog posts. It’s just that for this one I felt I needed to reflect, comment and summarise what the last 3 months of life / work have been like for yours truly. But the aim for shorter blog posts is there 😉

      Happy New Year and really look forward to seeing you F2F in Amsterdam, later on this year!

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