The Big Three – How To Handle Your Fragmented Social Life

6 thoughts on “The Big Three – How To Handle Your Fragmented Social Life”

  1. The problem is, while you can say everyone I follow on twitter is in G+, it’s not true that they all use it.
    By cross posting various places one still engages across all spectrums.
    If you are above certain groups, and don’t want to interact, that’s fine as well. But if the common man(i.e. FB or Twitter perhaps) does not leverage G+ like the movers and shakers, it’s your demographic you seek to establish.
    Being new and shiny is nice but not really for everyone.
    Some people I know use Slideshare and You tube because they are not readers but A/V absorbers.
    Therein also lies the problem.
    Not everyone likes textual responses or engages with them well. G+ does some great things with mixed media so when the masses use it, maybe it will gain a better foothold.
    I agreed with your premis about the Big 3, coming from Miami that has a different meaning for me.
    Warren Zevon said in a concert once that the Press/news people believe people can only follow 3 headlines at a time, after that they lose interest.

    1. Hi Keith! Thanks for the feedback and for dropping by! Yes, indeed, everyone would need to find their Big Three at some point. It will happen eventually and that would pretty much depend on what you would want to get out of each and everyone of them. For me Google Plus is one of them because it’s helping me engage in a wide range of conversations I know would be difficult to have elsewhere. Yes, most of them are technical or related to business, where, most probably, the mass would not be interested in it. But I am. It’s what keeps me getting back time and time again. If I would want to interact with the masses, as folks would say, that’s what Twitter is for. Or, in my case, for my own mass, I still resort to the most effective method of communication: the telephone (Most of the folks I interact with from that mass are not even on the Internet, so it makes it easy for me).

      I am not sure where that obsession with growth and getting the mass on board comes from, but some times one decides to stick around with what matches their needs. LinkedIn, for instance, is hardly used by the masses, and yet it’s got over 100 million of business folks interacting with them. Google Plus suits that profile for me, allowing me to fragment my interactions, so where I would want to go and check with the masses I would go Twitter, where I would want to have worth while business like conversations that would be G+ for me.

      It’s my personal preference, for sure, and it would match that of others, or not, but eventually, what matters at the end of the day is deciding where you would want to be and with whom to carry on with the conversations and right now for me G+ has already taken that spot with those folks I would want to keep in touch with over time …

      RE: Big Three, for me, too! Although perhaps more for BOS than for MIA, they were there before ;-)) hehe And love your last sentence, too! That’s why I decided to stick around with those three to focus on, before I would lose interest or track of it all…

      Thanks again for the feedback, my friend! 🙂

  2. Very interesting concept. I already have deleted my membership on some social networking tools because it simply got too much. Currently I have 5 accounts left: Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM connections and 2 European sites you probably never heard of. In the long run my Big Two will definitely be Facebook and LinkedIn, but the jury is still out there who will be the third 🙂

    1. Hi Gaby! Thanks a bunch for the feedback and for dropping by! I’m glad to read you, too, have started to reduce some of that spreading thin and stuck around with the Big Two, and checking out what would be the third element. I think it’s eventually an exercise we would all be doing at some stage before we all go insane with the huge amount of options we keep bumping into!

      Interesting to note that your Big Two would not be the ones I would be bumping into myself… I guess we will always have the blogs … hehe

      Thanks for the feedback!

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