The State of Social Business – A State of Maturity?

4 thoughts on “The State of Social Business – A State of Maturity?”

  1. Hi Luis,
    Funny–I read this post just after reading about Attivio’s $34m funding round, which is a testament to KM’s perceived importance. While social business and KM have some independent values, it’s in their intersection that the real value, not to mention stickiness, is found. Most of the people we’ve talked to really do seem to want a centralized hub. Perhaps SharePoint + Yammer will become this, but I think Google Apps had an advantage out of the gate (if only they’d fix Sites!).
    Anyways, thanks for the insight, and looking forward to reading your KMWorld recaps!

  2. Terrific post, Luis. I wonder if only old school bloggers like you or me can realize how much damage Facebook popularity has done to social media. Blogger era was about knowledge, building reputation, strong ethics and a passion for linking. That really transformed people’s relationships which it also meant that work itself was transformed for the better. Blogging and blogging technologies actually empowered people, you owned your terms of service, you had no limits to write or link, no limits to choose your interfaces, it did enhace your skills no matter how annoying running your own CMS can be.

    Facebook accostumed people to share links and comments in “the wall”, where everything die in a few hours the same way old media did. Your posts and articles cannot be found on search engines, nor comments can be linked, old conversations cannot be retaken and so on. On the other hand, while in the good old times we were proud of the Cluetrain Manifesto and we asked corporations and their managers to behave like actual persons and reject traditional advertisement, now managers are crazy about facebooks ads, contests and every kind of promotional stuff dumped into facebook walls in a very close fashion to spam. It’s all about getting eyeballs.

    Maybe we should thank Facebook for making the very concept of social business popular despite of its limits and (negative) biases. I guess the time for something else is coming up.

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