Why Do I Share My Knowledge?

19 thoughts on “Why Do I Share My Knowledge?”

  1. Thank you for sharing(!) this, Luis. Allow me to share with you (and your audience) why I dare to share (besides helping & learning):

    – seeking different opinions (wanting to diversify)
    – weaving tighter networks (wanting to connect)
    – uncovering hidden agendas (wanting to de-politicise)
    – building online reputation (wanting to grow)
    – cultivating abundance mentality (wanting to live & leave legacy)
    – moving closer to the singularity (wanting to ?)

  2. Luis, you’re right that there is so much more to knowledge-sharing than building a personal brand. Your point about legacy is crucial. But here’s a question for you; is there anything you would not share even if you thought it might be useful?

  3. Thanks Luis, some angles there I hadn’t thought about such as legacy and freeing a natural instinct.

    One of the reasons I’m trying to share more is actually quite selfish and, ironically, perhaps a barrier to sharing too: trying to complete incomplete thoughts. Not sure about anyone else but I probably have about 10 thoughts for every one I actually get round to sharing. Might just be a blog title that needs researching or a nagging hunch that’s hard to articulate. With such full and accomplished posts as the one above setting the standard it can be a bit daunting to throw in your 5 cents, but I certainly think it’s worth it. Be great if more folks posted up their thought fragments. You never know who might have the other pieces of the jigsaw!

      1. thanks for the links Joachim! I’m sold. 🙂
        Unfortunately in my world (govt) I’m definitely in the minority. Fears around data security (real or perceived) dominate. Sure hope that changes. There was a couple of interesting discussions on Quora that look at the reasons why people don’t share at work and how you might encourage the opposite:



  4. This is a great and very powerful! I always struggled in finding my passion in life. I always liked helping people that wasn’t just alone what drove me. I also loved learning new things, but I just didn’t want to be enrolled in school all my life. This really post really help me find my reason for life and what I want to do. I showed me I can help people through my knowledge.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, my goodness! Thanks ever so much for the GREAT and rather humbling feedback. I am glad it stroke a chord and help you fine tune your passion and expertise on helping others achieve their goals and guess that’s what true givers have always been about, right? Please do keep it up and much much appreciated the lovely feedback and support on this article.

      [Even though it’s over 2 years old, it still rings very true throughout, as you’ve clearly demonstrated! 🙂 ]

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