Social Business Is People to People Business – The Iberia Story

5 thoughts on “Social Business Is People to People Business – The Iberia Story”

  1. Am obviously glad you are OK and that you had such a good experience in the end, Luis.

    Although in no way dramatic, I had a similar experience of an airline yesterday – Air France. I was flying with Flybe (operated by Air France) from CDG Paris to Manchester. The terminal was chaos. I am an experienced traveller but could I see where the check-in desk was? In the course of sorting it out, I was directed to three different places.

    I should have been annoyed but in each case, the people were doing their best, were warm, one cracked a joke and all were – calm! Like you said. And of course the mystery was solved – and Air France have a new fan. As a p.s. to the story, the experience continued with the cabin crew. Lots of children returning from Disneyland. I watched how lovely the crew were with the children. A wee girl in front of me (about 3 years old) was being cajoled awake and strapped in for landing. It was done so gently.

    It is all about people – and it is not hard. Good luck with the conference!

  2. Hi Luis,
    Lovely story and noted something similar a few weeks back when KLM was experiencing problems that caused all their IT systems and website to go down. Causing major delays and problems at Schiphol airport. In their press release they specifically referred their customers to contact them through twitter & FB instead for help even for check-in and bookings. It caught my eye and I did a blog on it a few weeks back.

    KLM did a 4 piece blog series themselves on how they formed their social media strategy after the Iceland vulcano disaster. Quite an entertaining read that I can certainly recommend reading!

  3. Totally agree with your integrated view! People-to-People Business requires trust and more specifically “trustworthiness”. Adopting open standards for the capture & measurement of Relationship Capital (RC) will play a greater role in accounting for kept-commitments & positive perceptions!

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