How Narrating Your Work Helps You Become More Effective by Saving Precious Time

13 thoughts on “How Narrating Your Work Helps You Become More Effective by Saving Precious Time”

  1. I completely agree that the amount of time we spend in email and meeting is incredible. The company I work for right now ( ) created a product called ‘The Workbox’ to pull all of your work requests out of the inbox and into a central place in your SharePoint environment. It has made quite a difference in the amount of email traffic and has shortened meeting times as people can see the updates in their Workbox in real time.

  2. Narration of my work is certainly in my self-interest in order to help me keep up with the details of multiple simultaneous projects (or is it just that I’m getting older?) Unfortunately at this point my narration is not public… a Project Journal (a modified Notebook LN database with a log doc for each project).

    I think I’d be quite comfortable “working out loud”. Point being that I see the benefit of leveraging my natural desire to capture key points and requirements, but man… it has to be super-convenient in order for me to make the jump.

  3. Luis, I’ve become intrigued with another benefit of narrating ones work: it’s a great way to learn.

    I am in hyper-learning mode, having decided to thoroughly explore the impact of individual well-being in business, a new topic for me. I’m leaving a lot of breadcrumbs, curating what I learn. It helps me organize my thoughts. It leads to suggestions from other people in the field.

    I’m beginning the research by setting up the sites I’ll be selecting worthy content and narrating what I’m doing about it.

    Jay’s well-being discoveries.

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