Enterprise Microblogging Use Cases: Help Reduce Your Inbox Clutter!

7 thoughts on “Enterprise Microblogging Use Cases: Help Reduce Your Inbox Clutter!”

  1. Luis, I have been following your post on “zero email” with great interest and sometimes a little doubt. We’ve been using our own Communote enterprise microblogging for two years now and there are three things that I would like to mention:
    * microblogging _really is_ work
    * we run our ad-hoc processes almost entirely micro-blog based
    * internal email has been reducing steadily and feels somehow strange nowadays
    It’s not “zero email” but we are getting closer every day.

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  3. I think microblogging networks have the potential to be disruptive to email to an intensity way more than other social tools…because microblogging can be used exactly like email…conversations in doing work.

    It’s basically like a visible email network that looks like a giant blog or forum

    Group spaces are not conducive to spontaneous converations across people in different groups
    – firstly you have to browse to the space
    – secondly you have to be a member
    – thirdly you have to talk about the topic
    …these are great for perhaps team and a defined cross-functional group collaboration, but not spontaneous conversation as the space has to be created before you can have the conversation

    Whereas microblogging is like email where the space (a post with comments or a collection of posts via a hashtag) happens as a by product of the conversation
    – and anyone can get involved (there are no pre-defined members)
    – and you simply post from the same window (you don’t need to shift context by visiting a spot to say something)

    I have a few posts on this

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