One Moment Meditation

3 thoughts on “One Moment Meditation”

  1. Hi Luis

    Thanks for this very fine review and interesting framing of my One-Moment Meditation video.

    Yes, I have been teaching One-Moment Meditation to a lot of very stressed-out people – physicians, nurses, and executives, to name a few — and have seen just such benefits as you’ve described. Amazing what one can do in a short time.

    But I have also been teaching people how One-Moment Meditation can yield benefits far beyond stress relief, e.g. in leadership and innovation.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on that, as you keep practicing the technique and go into it more deeply.


  2. I knew about meditation techniques from some friends that are frequent practitioners, and even tried myself, but I really liked the way it is explained in this video, so that oneself can easily start learning the basics in 5min.

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