BlueIQ at IBM Finally Goes External!

5 thoughts on “BlueIQ at IBM Finally Goes External!”

  1. Hi Luis, Catching up on a lot of your posts… 🙂
    I read about this move some time ago. Thanks for more details on it. Looks very interesting. One thing I was wondering: Is the intranet and the extranet the same thing, based on the same platform? Can you basically write a blog internally and decide to publish it on the intranet and/or extranet?

    1. Hi Samuel! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind feedback! Glad you are enjoying the catchup! Lots in my head that needed to be out there! 🙂 hehe

      RE: your query, no, Intranet and Extranet are different. At least, for now. Right now it’s not possible to post a blog entry and decide to publish it whether internally, Intranet, or externally, Extranet. However, it’s IBM’s vision to eventually blur that thin line even more and provide a platform where it would allow you to do that eventually, but we may need to wait for it a bit longer… I will keep you, and everyone else, posted on progress as we come closer to it!

      Thanks again for the heads up and looking forward to seeing you in Paris in a couple of weeks if you are heading over at #e20s 🙂

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