IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise

13 thoughts on “IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise”

  1. Thanks for the mention Luis. Jeff was a fantastic interview. I only touched the surface of our discussion. I could easily write another article. Look for a social playbook in the future where IBM will be represented well.

    1. Hi Mark! Thanks much for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Yes, I can imagine there would be an opportunity to write multiple articles just coming out from an interview with Jeff himself. I am truly enjoying how he is engaging his teams with our internal deployment of Connections to walk the talk and “narrate his work”, sharing with everyone out there in the open what he will be doing for the day and in which city, so that if folks may need of his assistance he is always there! 🙂

      Looking forward to that social playbook, whenever it goes live and happy to share it across some more as well!

  2. Luis, really well written blog. I do not often get through such longer entries on sites where I am new but yours caught my attention. I am amazed to see the transformation IBM is making having known them from the 60s-90s (father) and then professionally since then (from the outside). That this corporation would actually “get it” even if it has been a longer journey than you expected.

    It is not about ROI, but as you state it is about the PEOPLE out there as well as in IBM. Breaking down those silos and freeing the exchange across an ecosystem is the goal. Keep at it.

  3. Luis, one of my favorite use cases of Connections in communicating with our customers and partners is the EULUC platform. This is being hosted by our business partner Softwerk and the platform of our German User Group.

    It gives us as IBM the opportunity to communicate to customers, partners and the broader audience. That’s why we maintain two blogs. And of course it is a great platform for exchange and discussion.

    In addition it is a great place to demo, because Softwerk has it always on the newest release and has Instant Messaging and more from our portfolio integrated. I would not like to miss it. It is an essential collaboration and networking platform for us and shows how a Social Business should communicate with its customers and partners.

  4. Being well aware of the hurdles, inertia and challenges that “going social” is up against, I still cannot help thinking that for companies who do not go social, saying “the employees are our greatest resource” were just empty words. There is hardly anything more empowering for employees than introducing internal social capabilities.

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