Work Live Integration – 23 and 1/2 Hours

One thought on “Work Live Integration – 23 and 1/2 Hours”

  1. Part of my working credo is the notion of work-life-parallel. Forget balance. Isn’t balance defines as to equal, yet opposite forces being applied to something in such a way to prevent either from being dominant? That’s a shame. Who wants that?

    As you mention, there is no balance. But I don’t know that I’m particularly interested in allowing work to influence my life. Quite the opposite, actually. Fundamentally, we’re talking about something unimportant (work) being integrated into something meaningful (life). It should be the other way around.

    We should be working in fields which align with our lives. Work-life-parallel means making a living doing things you would otherwise do for free because you believe in and which motivate you intrinsically.

    Which leads me to the future, where I suspect we’ll do more piecemeal, contact work related to our passions and specialties, with multiple organizations, rather than waste time filling a seat with ancillary duties.

    The best is yet to come.

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