Google Plus – One50, Two50 and TheRest

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  1. OMG. I was just thinking about how I could do a better job of organizing my circles. I love this idea. Can’t comment now. Have to get to work!

    (You rock, Luis.)

  2. Luis, Great post and thanks for the mention! It seems almost quaint to answer here. What I’d really like to do is answer here and have it recorded and shared in G+ and Twitter at the same time.

    Where I have difficulty and I’m writing about it – is the selective – individual importance of a Circle. Yet the larger they are the less discrete the choice of message. Or somewhere in between, the effort of updating that Circle rather than just to public means there must be some benefit to limiting exposure. I guess there is a world where i could have a circle that enjoys sharing jokes. I don’t have one of those – maybe I should get one. Still this fragmentation requires effort and a clear focus on what you think others may want to see.

    I wonder if your Twitter lists and approach to G+ is not more response driven that broadcast. Many of us want a more valuable conversation. We want to participate in conversations that interest us. By selecting group… we potentially improve the opportunity to comment.

    However, unless commenting a lot brings more followers – ie you are added to other Circles your Posts to that limited group will still have little exposure.

    So I’m still trying to work this all out.



  3. Luis – my social business – learning ambassador. Slow to adopt circles in google+ and of course find you here teaching how to. You are always so helpful!

    1. Hi Suzanne, awww, you are most welcome and glad you had a chance to find this post out there on how I get around with Google Plus and Circles. If you would need more help or information details, please do let me know, as we also have a bunch of internal resources on the topic that you may find helpful as well … Good luck!

  4. Have a look at magic circles here: .Homo Ludens is an important part of the history of game studies. It influenced later scholars of play, like Roger Caillois. The concept of the magic circle is introduced in Homo Ludens. While it did not play a central role in Huizinga’s thinking, it was later popularized within game studies.

    1. WOW! Fascinating read, Pels! Many thanks for sharing it along! And very very interesting! I am currently digging it to see how those magic circles may have evolved since the time of the original blog post nearly 3 years ago and see whether it would sustain itself or not from the current UX. I am suspecting it may be slightly different, but off to explore some more! Thanks for the feedback!

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