Social Learning at TELUS by Dan Pontefract

8 thoughts on “Social Learning at TELUS by Dan Pontefract”

  1. Well that was unexpected … but so very appreciated. Thanks my friend.

    @Sam – we’re somewhat agnostic, so you will see us mixing and matching various software opportunities including Confluence, Sharetronix, SharePoint 2010, SAP, Cisco Telepresence, Lync, and Jive for some of our external facing actions.

    1. Hi Sam & Dan! Thanks much for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Glad you enjoyed the post and much appreciated, Dan, all of those details on what social tools you folks are using. Fascinating journey, for sure! I guess you folks have taken the expression of not putting all of your eggs in a single basket into a new level! Very nice!!

      Happy to keep sharing these gems as they come along! Thanks again for the inspiration, my friend! 🙂

  2. Wow, this is fantastic Dan. I went to Enterprise 2.0 in Boston 2 weeks ago and learned in theory about what you’re doing in practice. My company is a distant cousin of yours… so I’ll likely reach out to you at some point to see how we can leverage your knowledge.
    Roland Reddekop
    Manager of Change & Innovation @ Blacks

  3. Dan
    Your vision and way of being has shifted lots of mindsets over to collaboration and trust. Congrats again on your acheivements, I have been learning so much lately. I can’t wait to share what I know with likeminded folks at Telus. Thank you mr Suarez for allowing us to connect on your blog. Please keep writing gentelemen so the world knows more about What you stand for.

  4. Hi, Luis & Dan, do I read your post as a good-bye statement to near future 100% adaption rate of microblogging in corporates?
    You seemed pretty satisfied with 1/6 or 1/10 of adoption, is this the realistic expectation level (beyond the hype)?

    1. Hi Gerald, thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Greatly appreciated! Probably you shouldn’t! You should look more as an incipient and good beginning of things that will come up later on as more and more folks feel comfortable with a new model of working, one where openness, publicy and transparency rule and one that would need re-adjusting by those folks who don’t feel comfortable just yet with “narrating their work”.

      I think it’s important to highlight how unrealistic it would be to think that all orgs. will transform in social business with a 100% of penetration. I am afraid that’s not going to happen. It didn’t happen with the phone, didn’t happen with email and it won’t happen with the Internet and with the Social Web.

      Knowledge workers need to find their comfort zone and their space in social networks, but they need to see a real business benefit that would help them. If not, it would be a waste of time and resources.

      Hype is long gone now, imo, with regards to internal adoption of social software. It’s no longer about what and the how, the hype part, but more about the why! And that’s where folks need to figure out for themselves whether they would be willing to jump in or not, and 1/6 or 1/10 is a pretty good solid start for a company that plans to go through that social transformation over the course of decades and consolidate itself as a social business of the 21st century. Why the rush to have 100% penetration from day one as an expectation… Slowly, but steadily will provide the best results, without a doubt.

      Thanks again for the feedback, Gerald! Greatly appreciated, as usual! 🙂

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